Types of Paralegal

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]here are many companies (including solicitor and law firms) who are looking to recruit specialists in certain areas of law including Personal Injury,Criminal,Civil Litigation and employment law and there is actually types of Paralegal to cover this.

With your training under your belt and Paralegal degree your all set to move on in your job and legal career. There are companies today looking for people who are trained and able to make a strong contribution in there chosen field. The main areas are listed below:

Personal Injury Paralegal:

Covering the law in this area examples would be a fall or injury at work and accident.Contract law: Covers all aspects of contracts including case law, statutes and so on. Again this is dependent on the school you choose.

Criminal Law Paralegal:
This is very specific and covers, fines and sanctions when no compliance is reported . Each and every crime in the UK has to a greater or lesser degree criminal attributes. Whilst a fine or suspended sentence may be employed in less serious cases, the option for a custodial sentence can and is frequently used for more serious crimes. In some cases of criminal law, a lighter sentence my be imposed with further measures such as rehabilitation etc, but this is subject to the judge, recorder or magistrate sitting on the bench in that session.Generally, lighter crime is covered by magistrates courts, this can include motoring offenses, divorce and similar. When the crime is more distinctive, then the person(s) who are suspects can be sent to a crown court for trial with Judge and Jury.

Civil Litigation Paralegal:
Civil law is the area of law pertaining to the legal status of individuals. Civil law can include matters such as libel, slander, accidents etc. It also covers the areas of property disputes, commercial law and admin disputes in the event of injury to a person or persons, compensation can be handled this way using this type of law.
Other areas of focus are : Business law, property law, estates and wills , tax law, immigration law generally speaking, you can specialize in one field then advance in another legal area as time moves on.

Employment Law Paralegal

These paralegals deal with all legal matters with regards to employment, basically an extension of a human resources dept (HR) they handle all issues including employment and dismissal of staff, claims made against the company, union issues, health and safety. There are many areas of law that you will need to be aware off broadly speaking the study of company law in all its facets would be deemed to be required.

Will and Probate Paralegal

This broadly covers handling estates and planning of the same including handling wills and probate assisting clients with regards to forms, deeds of trust, probate and related matters. This position will require the preparation of legal documents and a sound knowledge of this area of law is required.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]