Paralegal Qualifications


For the majority of people, there is nothing more rewarding than a career in law. Unfortunately, many of these people may consider the amount of schooling required to be a bit out of their realm of possibility, as well as a plethora of other logistical problems that may be holding them back from doing what they love.

Fortunately, the paralegal profession has been a great alternative to years of schooling and exorbitant fees for legal assistants. The United Kingdom is starting to team up with companies offering paralegal qualifications with opportunities for those with paralegal aspirations, and it’s considered to be a rapidly growing field, much like the United States. Not only is it in a pretty high regard, the field is infinitely rewarding for those who may be looking for a career full of substance and unique challenges paralegal studies. As with any position of this stature, there is a certain amount of criterion to be considered for a position.

The path to becoming a paralegal in the UK is straightforward, and it can be obtained in different ways. The first requires both applicable modules of an Association Level 4 Diploma in Paralegal Studies, 5 units of General Principles of Law and Procedural Law, respectively these are worthwhile paralegal courses. Paralegal careers are also available through education of a similar level, such as ILEX Level 6 or other procedural law qualification. One of the more exciting and more popular routes for a person seeking a UK paralegal profession is through experience that satisfies the Licensing Board, although that’s up to their discretion.Getting paralegal qualifications opens the door to a further advancement.

The Licensing Board is especially keen on those who have performed similar duties. For instance, they have consideration for those who have worked in a law firm in the paralegal profession directly with a solicitor or barrister, at least clearing 75% of employed time. The second consideration requires at least 50% of employed time as a fee earner who has their own clients to satisfy with minimum supervision. Paralegal qualifications are worth getting and impress on your CV.

It’s for this reason that the field is so popular, as it allows for people with all backgrounds to be a paralegal, with passion being of utmost importance for certification.