Paralegal Certification

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When you decide to make that career change and opt for becoming a paralegal, you enter a world where every day is different. Working with solicitors on all types of cases from land to divorce sets you up for gaining a lot of experience in this area of law. Although you do not ultimately have to have reached paralegal certification stage, when you looking for work it is a distinct advantage. When you arrive at your interview, if you then show you have certification, this gives your potential employer more confidence in you immediately. You stand a better chance of job success over someone who has no paralegal certificate so off course if you have this you stand a far greater chance of starting as a paralegal in your respective field.

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You need to get all the information you can from legal bodies in the UK including The Institute of Paralegals, National Association of Licensed Paralegals, Paralegal association for Scotland (we will list there phone numbers for you at the end of this article.) the key thing here is that each body has its own expected standards of education so it`s worth checking whats needed for each legal body prior to application to save your time and theirs. There are also online paralegal schools across the UK.

Search in net for groups in your area who you can join and study with. As paralegals are becoming more widespread across the UK you will find a group in your area. As with any group you can expect lots of feedback, help and encouragement making the study of your materials a lot easier. You can also contact the NALP  regarding your paralegal certification, who can provide further help and guidance and answer any questions you may have as you study. If you find it difficult to find a group, you can always study on line with an online paralegal school which is generally affordable.

It would be a good idea to get through a mock exam maybe 2 or 3 times to help you brush up and restudy if required prior to your official exam. As with anything considered stressful, if you feel down or tired the best remedy is take a walk. As you walk notice things, keep walking until you feel better then you will find things will come together and you will feel refreshed.Phone Numbers: NLPA : Call: 0203 176 0900 IOP: Call: 0207 099 9122 Scotland PA: Contact: who can assist you with regards to your online Paralegal certificate.

There are some choices when you are looking to obtain an online paralegal certificate. Working from the comfort of your own home makes sense providing you do make time to complete each module. There are a number of online schools to choose from including the open university , learn4good and many more but lets take a look at what this involves.

It goes without saying, the training for any paralegal can seem somewhat daunting however for online certification it becomes less strenuous as you work at your own pace and in your own time. The motivation to get through the course is not only satisfaction, its a forward road into a career in law. So, without further delay lets take a look firstly at the online companies offering certification in the UK.

1. Learn 4 Good: This site boasts a wide range of courses and not least of all courses in law. There site has recorded videos for you to watch along with set modules for you to work too at your own pace. With this company you can work online or alternatively offline.
– Study structure: to qualify for this program you would have the following: 3 GCSEs – IT, English Language plus Maths is preferred, mature students can qualify based on their office experience subject to it being relevant. They offer a 12 week course which is pretty comprehensive covering a wide area of law from criminal to matrimonial and there quoted course module times are around 12 weeks in length split into 2×6 week modules and additional training. paralegal certification

2. OTC courses. This is another online company who provide paralegal training leading to an online paralegal certificate. Students are taught online in a online classroom with support staff available.. They specialize in distance learning and are based in the UK.OTC are also accredited by the institute of paralegals in the UK. You can call them directly and speak to one of there advisers on telephone number:0207 558 8262 a great name in Paralegal Certification.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]