Paralegal Associations


Paralegal Associations

There are many Paralegal associations in the UK and they act collectively as governing bodies under which Paralegals operate in their respective fields. They are the hub of information and standards for the Para Professional and offer additional training and education to there members and coordinate their efforts with the bar and other law bodies across the United Kingdom.

Paralegal associations are really central coordinating points for all its members offering education and support plus further training as required. Additionally, it provides a range of services to law firms, legal depts., Paralegal schools and colleges and corporate companies too.

Listed below are the UK Paralegal associations active today:

Institute of Paralegals

Made into an institute in 2005 by the UK government, this body is not for profit and its primary goal is to represent Paralegals. The IOP are closely supported by a number of groups including the Citizens Advice Service, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the Bar Council amongst many others. Covering the entirety of England and Wales (and have overseas members also) they offer the complete service for not only Paralegals but also for people looking for a career in law and seeking to become a Paralegal. They offer help and advice to employers and other groups who actively work with Paralegals in the UK.

The mission of the Institute of Paralegals is:

1. Helping members in their chosen legal field
2. Working with employers of Paralegals offering help and advice
3. Providing nationally recognized training and educational networks.
4. Actively promote recognition of Paralegals across the UK.

Scottish Paralegal Association (SAP)

Established in early 1993, SAP is the primary organisation in Scotland for Paralegals and the only body recognize by the Law Society of Scotland. It actively promotes and represents the image and activities and also education and development of Paralegals in Scotland. It has memberships of a wide range of Paralegals and represents there interests and opinions across the fields its members are active in.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]